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2015 Products
  • Lake Winnipeg Public Policy - Whelan Enns Associates
    April 2015
    Manitoba Wildlands conducted a review of public policy regarding Lake Winnipeg, starting in 1916 when water was all still under federal jurisdiction in Canada. We provided the resulting spreadsheet listing and sources to show what policies and laws affected Lake Winnipeg, with a report to the Clean Environment Commission hearings regarding regulation of Lake Winnipeg. The spreadsheet, presentation materials and report are posted on the Clean Environment Commission website.
  • Lake Winnipeg Regulation - Clean Environment Commission hearings - Whelan Enns Associates
    April 2015
    With its researchers, external experts and project managers, Whelan Enns Associates provided technical services and products to three First Nation clients - who were full participants in the CEC hearings regarding regulation of Lake Winnipeg as a reservoir. Services included: planning in community hearings, assisting with mapping and presentation materials for the Winnipeg hearing panels, identifying contents in Manitoba Hydro filings, assisting with logistics and procedural matters.
  • Environment Act Review - Manitoba Wildlands
    Manitoba Wildlands responded to the reviews of the Manitoba Environment Act being conducted by the Manitoba Law Reform Commission and Manitoba Conservation. The brief provided to both reviews is posted in the Manitoba Conservation (not Manitoba Sustainable Development) public registry. Based on 2 decades of participate in reviews, hearings, and license decisions under the Environment Act we reflected on the patterns over challenges not met by the existing Act, and made suggestions to strengthen access to information, enforcement of existing environment licences, transparency, and standards for appeal of licences, among others.
  • NEB Hearing - Enbridge Line 3 - Whelan Enns Associates
    Whelan Enns Associates assisted a Manitoba First Nation with its participation in National Energy Board hearings about the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project. A panel of 8 speakers spent an afternoon with the NEB panel, including providing a fly over of the pipeline corridor populated by initial traditional land use data. We also assisted with research and review for the final argument provided by legal counsel for the First Nation.
  • Manitoba Minnesota Transmission Project (MMTP) - Whelan Enns Associates
    Our firm provided technical services throughout an extensive First Nation lands study regarding the project region for the MMTP. This included preparing a community survey, training a team of 5 to conduct land use and occupancy interviews with community members, providing oversight on all aspects of the work plan for a year long project, including all data and GIS services and products. Advance services for this project include drafting proposal, work plan, budget, and supporting the negotiations for funding.
  • Community Hearings - Lake Winnipeg Regulation - Whelan Enns Associates
    Our firm assisted with two First Nation in community hearings that were part of the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) mandate for review of Lake Winnipeg Regulation. Community speakers let the CEC know how regulation of Lake Winnipeg was affecting their access to hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering. The importance of water for life, and for future generations was also a frequent comment from speakers. Issues varied by community but both First Nations were concerned with erosion, loss of reserve land, flooding, and lack of sufficient water gauges and data for their community.
  • Community Hearings - Lake Winnipeg Regulation - Whelan Enns Associates
    Whelan Enns Associates also assist three First Nation clients with preparation for their panel presentations to the Winnipeg based formal hearings about regulation of Lake Winnipeg. The transcripts and all presentation materials are available on the CEC website.

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