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2014 Products
  • Keeyask Generation Station community consultation - Whelan Enns Associates
    November 2014
    Whelan Enns Associates assisted a First Nation community affected by the Manitoba Hydro Keeyask Generation project with research, and content for its community Section 35 consultation regarding the project. As the licensing hearings had been held and license was in place, this community project required content about what had already taken place. A report to The Crown from the First Nation is the formal outcome from the community consultation.
  • Keeyask Generation Station hearings - Whelan Enns Associates
    October 2014
    Starting in spring 2014 and continuing until February 2015 Whelan Enns Associates assisted a Manitoba First Nation with each aspect of participation in Clean Environment Commission proceedings, reviews, information requests, and hearings regarding the Keeyask Generation Station hearings. Technical services included assisting with selection of legal counsel, research to assist counsel during the hearings, locating and supervising technical experts who informed the CEC on behalf of the First Nation, and day to day audit of the hearings content.
  • Ontario Lands Plan - Whelan Enns Associates
    September 2014
    Starting in fall 2014 Whelan Enns Associates assisted a First Nation whose reserve is in Manitoba and whose trapline districts and traditional lands are in both Manitoba and Ontario with technical sessions, products, and negotiations with the Ontario government. These services and products are part of a multi year process regarding lands planning, and fulfillment of the First Nation's lands plan goals.
  • Manitoba Minnesota Transmission Project Land Use - Whelan Enns Associates
    September 2014
    Starting in fall 2014, and continuing until summer 2015 Whelan Enns Associates assisted a high population First Nation in Manitoba secure survey, and interview data from its members regarding living memory traditional land use activities in south east Manitoba. The land use activities are based on aboriginal constitutional and treaty rights. The project outcomes include data, maps, report containing maps and community survey results will be included in the Environmental Impact Assessment filed by Manitoba Hydro.
  • Keeyask Generation Station Proponent Compliance with Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Guidelines - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Review of joint Manitoba-Canada EIS Guidelines for Manitoba Hydro’s Keeyask Generation Station, identification of priority guidelines that proponent should/must fulfill, determination of whether Manitoba Hydro compliance occurred and guidelines were satisfied.
  • Keeyask Valued Environmental Components (VECs) and Supporting Topics: - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Critical review of VECs and Supporting Topics used throughout Manitoba Hydro’s Keeyask Generation Station Environmental Impact Statement and hearing documents with aim to provide a brief overview of weaknesses and inconsistencies associated with these topics.
  • Federally and/or Provincially Listed Species Within Manitoba - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Table containing complete listing of protected species occurring within Manitoba, special indication of species occurring within project region for Keeyask Generation Station, and each species’ status under Committee On the Status of Endangered Wildlife In Canada (COSEWIC), Canada’s Species At Risk Act (SARA), and the Manitoba Endangered Species Act (MESA).
  • Keeyask Generation Station Study Areas Report - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Report documenting numerous study areas used throughout the Keeyask Generation Station EIS and hearing materials; highlights inconsistencies of study areas defined, consequences of late filings from Manitoba Hydro; associated concerns and points of confusion.
  • Keeyask Generation Station Environmental Protection Program Review - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Report examining Manitoba Hydro Keeyask Generation Station Preliminary Environment Protection Program (EPP); identification of potential deficiencies in Program and environmental monitoring plans, advice for conduct of EPP when final EPPs are available.
  • Chronology of Clean Environment Commission Keeyask Generation Station Proceedings and Hearings - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Chronology including dates, schedules, events, documents and decisions from spring 2013 through January 2014 of Clean Environment Commission proceedings and hearings for Manitoba Hydro’s proposed Keeyask Generation Station.
  • Precautionary Principle and Approach for Keeyask Generation Station Project - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Report providing definitions and sources for precautionary principle/approach as well as adaptive management concepts for Keeyask Generation Station materials.
  • Environmental Externalities in Relation to Keeyask Generation Station Project - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Report providing definitions and examples of term Environmental Externalities, and exploration on how term can be applied effectively to projects such as hydroelectric projects.
  • Term Searches in Keeyask Generation Station Project’s EIS and Supporting Volumes - for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2014
    Selection of documents based on a search of priority topics and terms identified by Manitoba Wildlands with regards to Keeyask Generation Station Project; topics and terms searched for inside EIS, Supporting Volumes, late filings, hearings materials; aim to use information collected through searches for clarification of inconsistencies, and use for expert witnesses in hearings.

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