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2011 Products
  • Survey of Lake Winnipeg summer community - Whelan Enns Associates
    December 2011
    Collate and tabulate data from a Lake Winnipeg summer community survey regarding environmental and noise, building permit and other issues, based on best design of both survey and spreadsheet. Identify trends in responses, and provide trends analysis for community council.
  • Articles Written for The Drum - Written by Gaile Whelan Enns, principal in Whelan Enns Associates. Articles are posted on Manitoba Wildlands website, and by The Drum
    January - December 2011
    Series of articles regarding lands, waters, and topics of particular concern to Manitoba's First Nations. Written for The Drum, and published as a full page feature. 2011 publications: Public Utilities, Energy Plans and Aboriginal People (Jan.); Water gives Us Life. We Share Water (Jul.); Perfect Storm a Triple Threat to First Nations (Aug.); Manitoba Hydro projects are being reviewed, planned, licensed (Dec.); Disconnecting Heat/Power During Winter: A Manitoba Irony (Dec.).
  • First Nation lands planning and traditional area workshop - Whelan Enns Associates
    December 2011
    This workshop is based on review and selection of lands plan elements in a situation where a range of technical studies, mapping projects, and research projects have been completed. By reviewing planning goals, technical studies, and elements completed, the community moves forward in with selected next land plan elements to complete. Workshop includes access to and review of existing traditional area maps, thematic traditional use maps, and outcomes from other projects.
  • Traditional use and occupancy base map for use in mapping interviews - Whelan Enns Associates
    December 2011
    Traditional use and occupancy base map for use in mapping interviews for a First Nation involved in various consultations and lands selection and planning initiatives. The base map is used to document data about traditional lands use, travel routes, and the geographic scope of documentation of the interview data. Treaty boundaries, treaty land entitlement land selections, land acquisitions, other Indian reserve lands are shown on the national water layer for the region.
  • Community culture policy and planning workshop - Whelan Enns Associates
    November 2011
    This workshop uses definitions, case studies, examples of cultural policies in other Aboriginal communities, while identifying a community's past, current, and intended cultural policies. Based on workshop outcomes, movement to renewing and adding to cultural policies, while putting a cultural plan in place, emerges. For Aboriginal communities, where traditional use/language/lands and waters are the basis of culture, identifying cultural policies can be part of future planning, including for economic development.
  • Community survey about cultural practice, policies and programs - Whelan Enns Associates
    November 2011
    For use with community culture policy and planning workshop. Arranged in themes, survey can be used in community and community membership meetings, or in an interview setting. Balanced between specific cultural practice questions and requests for examples, and cultural stories, the survey results inform identification of past, existing, and potential cultural policies.
  • Manitoba environment issues reality checks - for Manitoba Wildlands
    October 2011
    Single issue or topic short briefs, called ' reality checks ' resume after provincial election, and are posted publicly.
  • Manitoba Election Surveys - for Manitoba Wildlands
    August 2011
    A series of six surveys for political parties in Manitoba pose questions about the natural environment, energy, climate change, and water. Surveys and answers all posted publicly.
  • Land Selection and Development Maps - Whelan Enns Associates
    July 2011
    Design base map to show existing infrastructure, reserve lands, treaty land entitlement lands, and land selections for a Manitoba First Nation. Build GIS inventory so it combines with existing data sets, and public domain data regarding lands, waters, and the natural world. Include up to date data regarding tenure, jurisdiction, dispositions in scope of traditional lands. Produce maps as needed.
  • East Side Road Authority (ESRA) all weather road project - Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) comprehensive study review - for Manitoba Wildlands
    June 2011
    Manitoba Wildlands participated in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) comprehensive study review of the all-season road to Berens River. Manitoba Wildlands submitted comments indicating the cumulative effects of road development needed greater consideration, particularly given the many current, future, intended, adjacent, and connected projects planned for the region east of Lake Winnipeg.
  • Natural Resource Policy and Laws - Whelan Enns Associates
    June 2011
    Planned and delivered a workshop for an Ontario First Nation based on requests to review the kinds of laws, and rights which affect First Nation rights, providing examples of successful First Nation natural resource management, planning, and administration of policy and laws put in place by a First Nation. Process begun to identify the policies and laws needed for management of natural resources in an extensive traditional use area.
  • Bi Pole III Preferred Corridor Base Map and Traditional Use Maps - Whelan Enns Associates
    June 2011
    Whelan Enns Associates prepared a base map and theme maps for a Manitoba First Nation, based on the need to digitize and map traditional lands uses and other concerns for the preferred route identified by Manitoba Hydro. A wide range of land uses, over time plus implications for impacts on traditional lands uses and intended lands development are included in the GIS inventory and structure.
  • East Side First Nations planning documents - Whelan Enns Associates
    May 2011
    East Side Manitoba First Nation planning implementation agreements, crown correspondence, and regulatory language based on direction from First Nations who are negotiating with the Manitoba government regarding draft lands plans, implementation and stewardship of traditional use areas. Includes fulfillment of community goals for protection and management of traditional use areas, as reflected in community lands Vision and Goals. Tracking all changes to sets of text exchanged between the First Nations and Manitoba government staff, including executive staff of Manitoba Conservation. Includes stream of changes to lands zoning maps, based on First Nation lands plans and stewardship goals and policies.
  • East Side Road Authority (ESRA) GHG Assessment - for Manitoba Wildlands
    March 2011
    The East Side Road Authority commissioned Dillon Consulting to provide a report to fulfill climate change requirements of the Environment Act licence for the first segment of the intended east side road network, along Lake Winnipeg. Manitoba Wildlands review comments are for the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency, in support of the comprehensive study which CEAA is providing the federal minister. Manitoba Wildlands' review comments concluded that there appeared to be no methodology or standards used for the ESRA report, and provided a set of recommendations to both CEAA and Manitoba Conservation.
  • Final Draft Lands Plans for Manitoba First Nations - Whelan Enns Associates
    March 2011
    Final Draft Lands Plans for Manitoba First Nations, for fiscal year end March, 2011. Technical reviews, planning team meetings, editing processes, open houses, and community meeting facilitation all part of project management. Correspondence, crown meetings, and coordination for all parties participating in steps for draft lands plans. GIS, and map products for each draft, with updated GIS inventory and shape files for review, and inclusion in draft lands plans.
  • Draft Lands Plans for Manitoba First Nations - Whelan Enns Associates
    March 2011
    WEA project team supports community lands planning for First Nation traditional areas by providing services for planning teams that include: logistics, document tracking, editing outcomes from reviews, community presentations, liaison with provincial governments, and chairing meetings. Action research requests from the planning team, and revisions for zoning maps based on client direction, plus technical support regarding regulatory matters, and full range of project management services and reports are included. Ongoing community staff mentoring to support planning goals also included. Record keeping for planning projects maintained by WEA.
  • Draft Lands Plans for Ontario First Nations - Whelan Enns Associates
    March 2011
    WEA project team supports communities to fulfill their planning agreement with Ontario government, will providing: logistics, document tracking, editing outcomes from reviews, community presentations, liaison with provincial government departments, and chairing meetings. A full range of project management services, especially in relation to Ontario regulatory and public policy requirements are provided. Community atlas products, and successive updates to maps, including zoning maps, and biophysical maps are also provided. Community staff mentoring, and technical support to Council provided. Record keeping for planning projects maintained by WEA.
  • Community Collection and Database - Whelan Enns Associates
    March 2011
    Whelan Enns Associates continues it research, tracking, and assemble of First Nation community data bases to provide an all in Collection of materials, photos, books, maps, technical reports, correspondence, and products resulting for a series of technical, training and research projects. The Community Collection is designed so that it can be searched by key word, by name, or by type of material. Guides are provided with briefing binders of primary and example contents from the Collection. All materials are available both in electronic format and printable format. Each item in the collection has a one page record.
  • First Nations Consultations Policy Options - Whelan Enns Associates
    March 2011
    On request, research was conducted to identify First Nation case studies and examples of working consultation policies for a First Nation to base any engagement by or with an outside community, government or company. Workshops in community and with Council to explore appropriateness of initial contents for community consultation policy, and identify situations where the First Nation needs to apply their consultation policy. Case studies, examples, and aboriginal law recommendations also provided to community, and in workshops.
  • Capacity Building Workshops - Whelan Enns Associates
    February 2011
    Whelan Enns Associates project and community services team planned and delivered a customized workshop series requested by a First Nation Council. The request was for a safe, independant setting to plan operational standards, and identify how to achieve the capacity needed to achieve community goals for both Aboriginal rights, and community services, negotiations, and a range of required and selected targets. Workshops included meeting management, decision and document tracking with steps to ensure consultation and negotiations identified would be successful.
  • Manitoba NDP Environment Promises 1999, 2003, 2007 - for Manitoba Wildlands
    February 2011
    This chart lists all environment promises made by the Manitoba NDP in 1999, 2003, and 2007 elections. The press releases for the 2007 election were analyzed as were responses to Manitoba Wildlands election surveys for all three elections. The chart includes total environment promises, how many are done, done partially, or not done as of February 2011.
  • Natural Resource Committee workshops - Whelan Enns Associates
    February 2011
    Prepared workshop and training plan, goals, and outcomes with Ontario First Nation who has added a Natural Resource Committee to its lands planning, negotiations, and economic strategy framework. Workshops include: operational standards, and tools; Charter and workplans; and First Nation working examples of benefits agreements, consultations standards, and negotiation protocols.
  • Map Product - North West Ontario - Whelan Enns Associates
    February 2011
    Prepared for north west Ontario First Nation communities, the scope for this map is north west Ontario south of 50 degrees, to Manitoba, and west to Dryden. The map product includes all corridors, roads, highways, transmission lines; Indian reserves, towns, cities; national topographic water layers, etc. The GIS data for this map can be combined with traditional use and occupancy areas, specific tenure allocations by the Ontario government; and natural world themes.
  • Tim Horton Children's Foundation Sylvia Lake Camp - review comments for Manitoba Wildlands
    January 2011
    Manitoba Wildlands provided comments on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EA) for the proposed Sylvia Lake Tim Horton Children's Foundation Camp inside Whiteshell Provincial Park. Manitoba Willdands commented: the required Management Plan for Whiteshell Provincial Park should be completed before new developments are considered; consultation standards are not clear and consultation with First Nations is inadequate; environmental protection plans and Department of Fisheries and Oceans approval should be in the EA filed; and species analysis is not adequate.

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