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2009 Products
  • Website - Whelan Enns Associates
    November 2009 contains news on energy developments around the world, in depth information on Manitoba Hydro and its projects including the Churchill River Diversion, Conawapa, Gillam Island, Keeyask, Point du Bois, Winnipeg River Dams and Wuskwatim (In depth information on construction, hearings, licences, partnerships and agreements). The website also hosts information about Manitoba energy imports and exports, renewable energy, policies on energy development, building codes and climate change.
  • Traditional Land Use Maps: Pauingassi First Nation - Whelan Enns Associates
    November 2009
    Updated traditional land use maps data with additional information were obtained through community interviews. Updates include a land use map based on community needs and previous archaeological sites. Maps depicting environmental freatures, climate, human footprint, historical information and elements that influence lands and waters of Pauingassi First Nation traditional territory in both Manitoba and Ontario are now part of a community atlas.
  • Manitoba Government Throne and Budget Speech Commitments - 1999-2009 for Manitoba Wildlands
    November 2009
    This collection compiles Government of Manitoba Throne and Budget speech commitments on environmental issues from 1999-2009. It includes press releases and backgrounders for these speeches. Commitments are by topic including: water, protected areas, climate change, energy/hydro, conservation and environment, land and watershed planning.
  • Traditional Land Use Maps: Bloodvein First Nation - Whelan Enns Associates
    October 2009
    This product includes updated traditional land use maps with additional community information obtained through community interviews. Maps depict features of lands and waters, human impacts and traditional land use within Bloodvein River First Nation traditional territory. The Bloodvein First Nation database now contains more than 2000 data points.
  • Lands and Water Policies Collection - Manitoba Government 1999-2009 for Manitoba Wildlands
    August 2009
    This collection covers Government of Manitoba public policy statements, strategies, management plans, standards and discussion papers regarding lands and waters 1999 to 2009. The collection contains materials on: provincial parks, forestry, land use planning, protected areas, water, climate change, sustainable development, wildlife and energy. Documents are authored, released, endorsed or adopted by the Manitoba government, its departments or agencies; released by a board, committee or body appointed by the government, or included in tenure or other decision making. Available on CD.
  • Lake Winnipeg Research Collection - Whelan Enns Associates
    Ongoing as of April 2009
    This is the first version of our Lake Winnipeg Research Collection that is anticipated to grow over time. Research encompasses the social, economic and environmental aspects of the entire Lake Winnipeg basin area. This collection contains research regarding the lake's cultural importance, water quality, infrastructure, relevant legislation, climate change, nutrients, watershed management, water treatment, and industrial influences including hydro generation stations. The Whelan Enns Associates Water Materials Database provides a searchable inventory of Lake Winnipeg resources.
  • Project Charters Collection - Whelan Enns Associates
    Ongoing as of April 2009
    Whelan Enns Associates has a long record of providing services for First Nation communities in southern and east side of Manitoba This collection provides information about types of contracted services by Whelan Enns Associates. Project charters include: community plans, lands management plans, tourism studies, water research, client websites, and others. Each Charter outlines the community goal, capacity, project objectives, and outcomes sought.
  • Species at Risk for Bloodvein River First Nation - Whelan Enns Associates
    April 2009
    This collection of resources is based both scientific research and traditional knowledge collected from community members. Research and expert advice provides the basis for a species at risk monitoring program and identifies critical habitat within Bloodvein River First Nation traditional territory. Research focuses on four listed species at risk -. This collection includes an extensive literature review, community presentations, educational community posters, monitoring plans, and mapping products. All resources are added to the growing Bloodvein River First Nation Resource Collection.

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